Here’s just a link to my Video Documentation of my piece titled “Indoctrination”   “Indoctrination” is a piece that represents the concept of being born into an organized group or religion whose ideas and norms are imprinted upon one at an early age. In this case, an infant is being introduced into this world through a form […]

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Chris Coleman Visit

Last week, new media artist Chris Coleman payed a visit to the Ohio State University and generously gave a small artist talk that gave a behind-the-scenes look at some of his most famous pieces of art. After his talk, I was lucky enough to catch him with a few fellow students and have a brief […]

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“Hive Mind” Documentation

“Hive Mind” is a piece of headwear that allows its wearer to visualize the world through a sort of “crude eye” created with fiber optic cables. The dome of the helmet has been covered in a series of pinholes that funnel light into the fiber optic cables, which then rout the light to a series […]

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